Tips and ways to deal with depression


When you are depressed, depression usually causes a feeling of despair and helplessness or a feeling that nothing in the world will help you. The problem with depression is that some of the symptoms of the disease are feelings of self-worthlessness, guilty thoughts and lack of energy, which in turn damage your ability to do the things that can help you get out of your depression. Anyone who knows this feeling should remember that this feeling of “stuckness” is very common and that depression is a problem that can be treated.


If you treat depression as a problem that has mental and physical components and use different tools to overcome the various difficulties of depression.

Recognize the self-criticism
One of the things that characterize depression is that people listen to the inner voices of self-criticism that increase during the depression, they get the negative sounds as true and ignore the positive voices that are very weak because of the depression. The way to deal with self-criticism is to identify these thoughts and ignore them. Do not listen to thoughts that tell you to stay in bed, stop doing things you love or get away from other people. The idea is to identify these thoughts when they appear and treat them as foreign thoughts “that depression is planting” and not as thoughts coming from your true faith. Ask yourself if you would think such thoughts about a family member coping with depression (the answer is, of course, negative) and because you would be compassionate to others, remember at times like being less rigid with yourself.

Depression / Sadness

Think about what you’re angry at
Many people experience depression as sheer sadness and crying. Others tell of depression as a time when they are emotionally off and unable to connect to their emotions. But sometimes beneath these sensations lies a tremendous sense of anger that can not be contained, and is actually directed at yourself instead of being directed at someone you are angry at. If this is the case, it is worth understanding that from an early age we learn that anger is an emotion that must be conquered and must not be passed on to other people, but if the anger is so intense and you refer it only to yourself, the suffering only increases. By knowing anger and dealing with it you can only relieve your depression.

Be active
When you are depressed, your energy level drops to where you feel you do not even have the strength to move your body. But a variety of studies have shown that exercise helps to cope with depression and it’s worth spending 20 minutes a day doing sports even indoors. Besides going to the gym is an activity that allows you to go out, meet people and be like everyone else.

Do not be frightened
When you are depressed, your desire is to break away from people, to lie alone at home or to be in a quiet place. But these are negative thoughts of depression that are contrary to what you really need to do. During the depression, it is actually desirable to be around people (not obligated in the middle of the mall). If you feel bad, you have nothing to be ashamed of and should be helpful to family members, friends or even support groups or interest groups on the Internet and Facebook. Family and friends who care will be happy if you update them and they will enlist to help you. Never listen to thoughts that say you’re worth less than others or different just because you have depression. Everyone is dealing with difficulties from time to time and you are simply dealing with a crisis now.

Do things you liked to do
Even if you do not feel like doing them now, it’s worth doing things you once loved to do. Because depression eliminates every ounce of energy and joy of life, you often do not even have the desire to do things you love. But the more you stop doing things you love to do, the more depressed you get.

Do not punish yourself for feeling bad.
It’s not that you’re weak people, it’s not that you’re lazy, it’s not that you can “just feel better.” You have no reason to be ashamed or angry at yourself because it is harder for you to function at home or at work. It’s not you but depression. So if you feel depressed, do not be angry with yourself but will invest energy in getting out of the depression.

Go to therapy
When you are depressed, the last thing you want is to take care of yourself. But therapy can help you cope with depression and accompany you through the healing process. You may have supportive friends and family members but a trained professional can professionally guide you between the negative thoughts and feelings of depression, help you deal with the symptoms of depression, and perhaps offer you a variety of treatments that will make it easier for you to do.