How to start learning a language?


How to start learning a language?
To start learning a language is the hardest part. After learning the basics: it is a vocabulary of between 100-400 words, basic syntax, and some useful sentences, you can continue to practice regularly and gradually build the ability and mastery of the language. But how do you start? What is the basic step that brings people from level 0 to one level above? We’ve collected a few steps that can help you in the direction.
Step 1 – Learn pronunciation of words

You can not speak French if you do not practice the correct pronunciation because even if you know how to speak, no one will understand you. It is useful to prepare a list of words that are read and to hear how to pronounce these words correctly.
Step 2 – Learn basic sentences from a phrasebook

People are scornful, but in fact, someone who knows how to get to know the sentences that appear there can do well in a language-speaking country. The phrasebook teaches in a simple and very quick way how the rhythm and the intonation of sentences in the language sound. Popular phrases like: “Hey, who are you?”, “Where’s the museum?” Can significantly upgrade each trip, and impress the locals.
To take advantage of this learning method, you should listen to each sentence 5-10 times, and repeat them. You can use audio or video recordings on YouTube. It is possible to repeat every sentence, even 50 times until it is absorbed in the head. It’s a good idea to ask the language speakers to check if you are expressing the sentence correctly.
Step 3 – Buy audio books and guides through Amazon

You can find a number of cheap and popular audio books in the Amazon store, and learn the language in this way. It is important to understand that this method of learning requires patience and self-discipline and if you do not have the possibility that it is better for you to study in a course or private lesson.
Step 4 – Buy a dictionary in the designated language

A dictionary will significantly expand your vocabulary and will introduce you to words that are sometimes not spoken but are needed to prove knowledge of the language. Learning from a dictionary is a good way to expand existing knowledge in language and therefore is very suitable for those who already master the language.
Step 5 – Read real books in the language you learn

It is an amazing method to learn a language, because in addition to learning the language also enjoy good literature. You can read books, novels, plays, magazines, newspapers and even blogs. It is easier to focus on printed texts rather than texts on the computer because it is difficult to stop every moment and check values in the dictionary when working on the computer.
Step 6 – Understand syntax and grammar

“Danny went with Sarah to the store.” It sounds like a regular sentence, but to understand it must understand syntax and grammar. The best way is to read grammar and syntax rules in the textbook and to solve exercises that include complete sentences or understanding questions. At this stage, you will need to recognize verb conjugation at different times and use of entities, singular, and plural. For this stage, you can buy grammatical and grammar books from stores for school students.
Step 7 – Pay the speaker to talk to you

Practice in language is necessary in order to learn a new language. This stage is suitable for those who have a basic knowledge of the language and want to reach a current level.

How to start learning a language?
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How to start learning a language?
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