New Year – New Decisions: Tips for a happier and healthier life in 2018


New Year – New Decisions: Tips for a happier and healthier year
A new year is one of the many points in which we choose to do soul searching, to decide which habits we leave behind, and what changes we want to adopt. But as with everything, as with decisions related to our way of life, it is easier to say than to do: to ease the challenge – we have collected all the tips for change for the New Year

A new year inspires many of us to make important decisions about changes in our daily lives. You say the words to yourself and sometimes to others, and pledge and swear in all that is dear to you that this time you persist in the change. But when fateful decisions come to implementation, we realize that things are not as simple as they seem. Why is it so difficult to implement important decisions and how to make a successful change in life? All the tips that will help you unlock the 2018 – a little different.

1. The legs were broken
Habits are patterns that are easy to create, but change can be a difficult task. For this reason, breaking habits has taken up a significant part of psychological research for decades. One study found, for example, that people who changed jobs were still trying to reach the new position in the same way they used to, although it was less efficient and time-consuming. Similarly, lifestyle decisions may be more complex than they seem. The most significant understanding of change is that you have to give up something else. Have you chosen to join the gym? You’ll have to take time and give up other things in a routine, you decide to break up with carbohydrates? You will need to manage the shopping list and the daily menu differently and find alternatives to them. As you shape your decision list for the next year, start breaking the existing patterns and creating new ones: set goals for a healthier life and try to keep them up for a long time, thinking about how the new habit can fit into all areas of life – in practice.

2. Find a sporting hobby
Many studies focus on the role of physical activity in our lives, but not only in terms of fitness, but also in the connection between exercise and mental health. For example, a study conducted at the University of British Columbia in Okanagan, Canada found that exercise improved the perception of self-image of women who performed it regularly. The effect of the study is immediate and does not depend on mood or fitness level. Moreover, countless recent studies have shown that physical activity can reduce or even prevent depression. If you are struggling to stay motivated and keep running or exercising, you will be happy to know that the first solution is simply to do what makes you happy, regardless of the type of workout. Find the industry that suits you the most, so you will stick to your fitness routine.


3. Be sure to sleep enough
Many studies published in 2017 focused on the essential role of sleep in our lives and its impact on mental and physical health. Sleep, as we all know, is important to memory and helps maintain the brain and contributes to everyday functioning. In fact, the connection between sleep and a healthier and more balanced life is circular: a study conducted at the University of Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago found that people with defined and clear goals receive a more complete and qualitative sleep.


In the coming year, do not underestimate the effects of sleep on your health and make time on the schedule for a restful and restful night rest, keep sleep hygiene, practice meditation before you go to bed and leave the smartphone out of the bedroom.

4. Maintain a balanced diet
The next tip seems clear to all of us: what we eat affects our mood: a study published earlier this year suggested that perseverance in a diet based on fruits and vegetables helps increase motivation and raise energy levels. In addition, a balanced diet based mainly on fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains can help prevent depression. Surprisingly, chocolate can also join your menu for the New Year. A study published in the Nutrition Review found that cocoa can do wonders for your mood and even improve cognitive performance.


5. Make time to spend time outdoors
A study conducted at the University of British Columbia showed that people who took the time to document small items in nature and decipher the emotional effect of spending in a green environment were happier and more considerate of each other. To improve your life in 2018, be sure to spend time outside four walls: you can stick to a daily walk in the nearest park, or go for weekend walks in a variety of places on the map.


6. Be kind to others, and to yourself
Finally, but equally important, to achieve a stronger sense of well-being in your life, it is important to treat others and yourself with compassion and acceptance. A study carried out at the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K. Found that although self-acceptance is a habit that can lead to a sense of happiness, many people find it difficult. In addition, it was found that recognition of shortcomings and limitations reduces the chances of their perpetuation and increases the likelihood of self-completion. Love and self-acceptance certainly need to be on the list of goals for the new year, but at the same time be sure to get another. Concern for others can also contribute to the sense of happiness and in fact, generosity toward others is associated with the sense of happiness we feel. Remember to cherish the people around you and who you are, and try to focus on your own way and not compare it to that of those close to you, so you will have mutual and close relationships in your life and you will feel more happy and complete