Mental strength  and how to constantly pushing yourself up.


Mental strength

1) Ambition

People who lack self-confidence and personal strength are not ambitious people, at least not consciously, openly, and transparently. They have quite a few desires, desires and needs but they tend to repress them, deny them and take them down so as not to experience frustration or bitterness in life.

Conversely, self-confident people are people who strive for the best, are aware of it, accept it and act on a regular basis to achieve it.

2) Optimism



Uncertain people are pessimistic people who do not believe in themselves, do not believe they can be better and do not believe that things end up doing the best.

On the other hand, self-confident people are also believing, optimistic, good-looking, and looking forward with hope. It is this hope that gives them mental strength, physical health, vitality, joy of life and the feeling that there is something to wake up for in the morning.

3) Self-love



People who lack self-confidence are basically people who do not like themselves, are not good friends of themselves, and instead of encouraging themselves and being on their own side, they are always on the other side – beating themselves, criticizing themselves, seeking only where they made mistakes, .

On the other hand, self-confident people have a positive and sympathetic relationship with themselves. They love and appreciate themselves, they encourage themselves even when they fall, even when they made a mistake and when they do not go, they are their best friends and they are always on their own side and not on the critical and judicial side.



Lack of security is also closely related with the ability to accept for ourselves and feel worthy to receive. Uncertain people are people who do not believe they deserve to get good things but deserve bad things, or leftovers.

In contrast, self-confident people are people who have worked on the place of “deserve to receive”. They feel that they deserve it, they feel that they have a place in the world and that they also have the most legitimate right to accept the most beautiful, the best, the most pleasant things.

4) Acceptance
And tip to end: people who lack self-confidence suppress themselves so they remain stuck behind in a low place. Self-confident people are constantly pushing themselves up.